Virus Scanning on Linux

Can Linux be infected by MalWare and is it a big concern? The answer to that question is both Yes and No: Yes, Linux can be Infected and No, it isn’t a big nightmare – yet. Unless you downloaded the Unreal IRCd (Unreal IRC daemon) and installed it between November 2009 and June 2010 on [...]

Review: Status2k a tool to show your server status

I’m usually for the old school methods: go down to the terminal and get all the information you need from there, terminal don’t tells lies. But i also understand that with the cheap price that i see around for the VPS more people are starting to use Linux VPS for their service, and a graphical [...]

3 easy steps to strengthen your ssh server

Back on ssh topic, i think this is third or perhaps the fourth article regarding ssh, one of my favorite tools on a Linux server, and that a lot of times is not used or configured properly. In this small guide i’ll show you some setup to make your ssh server a bit more safer [...]