How to do multitask in the Linux terminal

Multitasking refers to the ability to perform several different activities at the same time in a single Linux computing environment. Many jobs that we perform in our day to day duties when running a Linux system can be performed sequentially, that is, one after the other. Jobs that can be run in a very short […]

How to stop packages from being updated in Linux

Sometimes it’s useful to tell to our GNU/Linux system that we want to keep some packages on Hold or that we do not want to update them , for example you could have added a custom kernel and you don’t want that during an update the standard kernel takes its place, or perhaps you want […]

Manage planned tasks on Linux with the command at

In a former article I’ve talked about the commands cron and crontab  that are the standard way to schedule recurring things on a Gnu/Linux system. But sometimes you need to do one thing at a specific date and time for just one time, and for these tasks the best option is to use at, another way […]

eBook “The Linux Command Line”, a complete guide to using the command line

William E. Shotts, Jr., published a few years ago a useful ebook entitled “The Linux Command Line”, a guide to learn and know more about the Command Line Interface (CLI) on GNU / Linux. The ebook is still available for download and is released under a Creative Commons license. Although most distributions have graphical environments […]