May 272011

disksI’ve found these useful examples about LVM, Article By Roger Hosto

Let’s start with what LVM is; in short it’s away to manage disk volumes in more of a user friendly way, whether they are whole hard disk, disk partitions, or SAN disk. Logical Volume Manager gives the Administrator much more flexibility in allocating, re-sizing, and moving storage around. With that being said, the greatest advantage is having the ability to add additional disk space with relative ease, which with Moore’s Law and Kryder’s Law [1] floating around makes life a little easier on your System Administrator.

Now that you are all interested in using LVM, let’s bust out a new hard-drive or re-partition our hard-disk and have at it. Woo! Hang on a minute! That sounds like a pain just to play around with something. That’s what I thought too, so here is a way to use your existing partitions using loop devices and empty disk images to play around with and get use to the commands.

I have personally tested this on RHEL 4 and 5, but I don’t see why this couldn’t be done on any current version of Linux.

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