4 Linux programs to open a Remote Desktop on Windows

It seem impossible for me to get rid of all the windows server that our company still has, some have custom software made years ago that no one want to touch, other have management console for Vmware or Cisco appliance..that run only on Windows or again some product relesed their software only for windows, so [...]

Skype add support to XMPP

Everyone in the Gnu/Linux world (or so i think) has been worried by the news about Microsoft buying Skype, the standard de facto about VOIP. But perhaps there is a hope for a future more open on this software ? Skype 5.5 beta support now the protocol XMPP, this has been added mainly to talk [...]

Mono it’s good or bad for Linux ?

As first thing i want to say that i’m not so well informed about the background of the Mono project, his licenses model and possible implications, and I’m trying to get an idea after reading a few posts on techrights.org. In fact I read on techrights very strong words against this project, and so I’m [...]