Simple security by evaluating open ports

Article by Dominique Cimafranca first published on his blog regarding Ubuntu, and Linux in general. A simple but effective procedure for evaluating security on your computer is to check what sites it’s connecting to, or what sites are connecting to it. Most critical malware nowadays turn computers into zombies for botnets — typically zombified hosts will […]

Untangle your network

Untangle it’s a software appliance (based on Debian) that can help you in managing your network from content security to web caching, remote access to policy enforcement, all from one simple, drag & drop command center. Untangle is a privately held company that provides an open source network gateway for small businesses. They offer the […]

3 network scanner for Linux

Sometime it’s useful to do an assessment of what’s online on your network, probably you think to know every server and service running, but I had more than one surprise in the past, with “test server just plugged in for a short time”, “New test service” or worst, hacked machine that exposed “new service”. Network […]

Nethogs, Iptraf – for network statistics

In a previous article about 2 programs that you can use to collect network statistics: iptstate and pktstat, on the article I’ve received comments on nethogs and iptraf, and so I’ve tested them. The goal of both applications is to give to the user information of the actual state of the network, so how much […]

How to use your Ubuntu as gateway

During my tests i installed a Debian 6 Squeeze on an Old laptop with an integrated ethernet card and a PCMCIA wireless card. Problem, after the install all works perfectly but the wireless, and installing new packages without a net is not so comfortable. You have to search on the net for the name of […]