Upstart from the SysAdvent site

We are in December and for this month i suggest to keep an eye on the site: This site it’s a sysadmin relative of the Perl Advent Calendar: One article for each day of December, ending on the 25th article. With the goals of of sharing, openness, and mentoring, the authors aim to provide great articles [...]

How to clone a PC on the network with 2 live cd

I hope this brief guide will be useful to others as it has been helpful to me, I found it on Lilis a site where there are useful guides published by Linux enthusiasts. Mini guide to clone 2 PC without any special tools. With two Linux livecd, can be anything you like the only requirement [...]

Pipes – what are they and Example of Use

Unix based operating systems like Linux offer a unique approach to join two commands on the terminal, with it you can take the output of the first command and use it as input of the second command, this is the concept of pipe or | . Pipes allow two separate process to communicate with each other also [...]

Know your hardware on Linux

On linux there are some simple commands that allow you to see what the OS is seeing (that does not always correspond with the hardware in the machine). Today we will see some of these useful commands that allow you to check the proper recognition of all our devices. lspci – lsusb – lshw lspci [...]