Jul 082013

Article by Chris Pentago

I am one person who has been fascinated by the virtualization. The idea that software can be able to take a single machine and divide it up to act and feel like several independent systems has never ceased to amaze me. The geniuses that came up with virtualization environments must be some really bright minded individuals.

Well, I have particularly been impressed by the way it can be able to simulate an entire machine with that has all the required hardware such as memory, processors, networking and all the resources user can wish for.

I have a list of some of the virtualization technologies that I have been privileged to try out. Do not worry, I am not exactly the tech junkie that most IT enthusiast are so everything you get from me is nothing short of simple observations without really going into the deep technical stuff.
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Mar 042013

Proxmox Ve is an Open Source project developed and maintained by Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH in Austria under the auspices of the Internet foundation of Austria (IPA) and it’s released under the GNU General public license 3. It is a solution based on Debian 6 Squeeze at 64 bit, which duly “customized”, allows to create a virtualization environment of type “bare metal” based on OpenVZ and KVM technologies.

Proxmox Virtual Environment, today announced the release of version 2.3. The version brings new compelling features like KVM live backup technology as well as the integration of the Ceph RBD (RADOS Block Device) as storage plugin.
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Dec 022010

qemuI’ve received this article from Francesco and gladly i publish it:

Every day we read of new Linux distributions (GNU/Linux to be correct), and sometimes happen to want to try them “on the road”, even those who do not have a live version. The first program that comes to mind, I think, is precisely Qemu. But I also think that there is also an attempt  to find a more friendly alternative. The second choice I think is VirtualBox, a Qemu-based solution that gives to you at once and without effort everything you need. But is it really necessary to use a program that adds to our Linux machine other useless processes ? For me no. Of course, to switch from Virtualbox to Qemu I think, all of these tasks should be accomplished by a graphical interface “mouse-proof” and the terminal should not be used.

You don’t believe that it’s possible ?

Programs you need:

  • qemu, the main program on the command line;
  • qemu-launcher, graphic interface of qemu;
  • qemu-control, add-on of qemu-launcher.

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