Dec 222012

Mass renaming files is no possible with the standard linux command mv, but it’s possible to achieve this goal in many different ways, from some bash magic, to programs that do exactly this, in this article I’ll work with both the terminal and with graphical tools.

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Jan 232012

Sometimes it happen that: for mistakes, because you don’t rotate your logs or perhaps they growth up really quickly, that you need to analyse a large file (> 1GB) for searching a specific pattern of text. Probably you’ll go nowhere if you try to open them with vi or worst with a graphical editor like Gedit or libreoffice, and if your resource are low you risk to use all the memory and put your linux box in hang.

But don’t worry, like many things in Unix/Linux, there is a specific tool that can help you in this operation: Rowscope
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Oct 072011

This is my small top 7 of the most read articles from Linuxaria in the month of September, it’s your opportunity to read them if you missed them during last month.

7 – Pipes: what are they and Example of Use

Unix based operating systems like Linux offer a unique approach to join two commands on the terminal, with it you can take the output of the first command and use it as input of the second command, this is the concept of pipe or | . Pipes allow two separate process to communicate with each other also if they were not created to do it, so this open an infinite series of opportunity.

A basic example is:

ls -l | grep rwxrwxrwx

This command will print the list of all the files in the local directory that have permission rwxrwxrwx (or that have rwxrwxrwx in their name).

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Guide to regular expressions with examples

The regular expression, or regexp, are the most powerful, versatile and hated tool used by programmers and system administrators. They allow to express with a few characters search for strings, characters or words, and if done well can lead to good results, but if they are wrong they can not give you any useful result, […]

Online resource collection for Linux Administrators

These are some sites i use to do specific jobs, i hope they can serve you well too. Corntab Corntab is a simple crontab web GUI With Corntab you can ensure that you always have the correct crontab syntax. Don’t worry about forgetting the proper crontab format because Corntab let’s you click on all of […]