An Open Source Board Game about Network Security: d0x3d

[d0x3d] is a boardgame designed for informal security education, this is an incredibly fun game that proactively teaches about network integrity and the security of information. Inspired by Forbidden Island, d0x3d! and is released under an open source license. It requires only a small number of people but packs a very powerful lesson. Incorporating it [...]

An introduction to security models in Linux

Today I’m glad to republish an interesting article of Adrian Stolarski first published on Infosec, a great source of information about security. It’s a good summary of the different type of security models that you can have in a Linux system, focused on SELinux, and if you are interested in this topic, be sure to take a [...]

5 Linux Distros focused on computer security

This article is based on a list found on Today I’ll present you 5 Linux distribution focused on computer security, in this list I’ve not put 2 distro I’ve already talked about: Backtrack and Damn Vulnerable Linux. The 5 Linux distribution are: DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit), QubesOs, Pentoo, Lightweight Portable Security and [...]

OpenVAS – Open Source Vulnerability Scanner

I thank Maurizio Pagani for allowing me to publish and translate his interesting presentation, published on OpenVAS is a framework that includes services and tools for scanning and the complete managment of vulnerability. A vulnerability scanner is a tool that allows you to scan a target system (IP/HOSTNAME) based on a range of ports [...]

Protect Linux from cold boot attacks with TRESOR

While reading an interesting Blog I discovered a new treasure: TRESOR, in short TRESOR is a secure implementation of AES which is resistant against cold boot attacks and other attacks on main memory. If like me you wonder what a cold boot attack is, Princeton University can help us : Contrary to popular assumption, DRAMs [...]