Tickr a great Feed Reader for Linux

Some time ago i posted an article about 5 RSS Feed reader on linux, and between these 5 software my favorite was liferea. Recently I’ve found a new software that seem really promising Tickr. TICKR version 0.6.0 is a Free Open Source, GTK-based RSS READER application which displays RSS FEEDS in a TICKER bar on […]

Your old PC can be an useful download center, here’s how

Article By Giuseppe Sanna There are many articles covering the subject of trashware. You do not know what is this phenomenon? Trashware is when you use a PC, perhaps obsolete, to do something useful, especially using Open Source software with low requirements, with regard to system resources. Today we will not speak about media center […]

Roundup of Linux Distributions for the Schools

An important field where GNU/Linux is gaining ground is that of schools, both primary and secondary. I think it’s important to teach children and young people that there is a whole world of open source software to explore, and that not everything that is connected to a computer means Windows and/or proprietary systems. There are […]