PAC Manager: All your Connection are belong to us

If you manage remote machines you have for sure some way to connect to them, to connect to Unix machines I’m used to open a terminal with my favorite terminal emulator (Terminator in these days), and from there ssh to other servers, for Windows RDP protocol as client i use Remmina (perhaps i’ll talk of [...]

Permanent SSH Tunnels with autossh

Article by already published on their useful  wiki (in Italian) There are many occasions where you need to create connections to machines and services that are protected by firewalls because it is appropriate to adequately protect them, but for which the creation of a VPN becomes an excessive burden. For this reason, the ability [...]

How to setup a Squid Proxy on your Debian Linux

In former articles i’ve talked about Tor and SSH to browse the net in a more secure (or at leat anonymous) way. But sometimes it’s easier to do the configuration just one time on a server and setup a proxy there, and than use it as proxy for all your computers, or perhaps all your [...]

Use SSH for more secure browsing in public networks

Original article by Dominik Zajac published on his blog In the time of free wifi and free internet connections in every hotel, bar or cafe you should be sure your connections are secure. In some cases you can’t trust the connection but you need to go online and read some mails or share some documents. [...]

More SSH Port Forwarding

Today I present another excellent article by Domenico Raffaele originally presented in his blog (in Italian) where you can find many other interesting articles about hacks and VoIP. This is his second article about ssh. Here you’ll see some example of SSH Port Forwarding, sometimes called SSH Tunneling, which allows you to establish a secure SSH [...]