Feb 082013


I used to play these games around 10 years ago or more, and without any other option available I had a second partition with windows 98 as “game station”, somewhere I should still have the original boxes and perhaps I should start to search for them, because now they have (finally !!) arrived on Linux.

Steam client for Linux is becoming richer by a growing number of game titles and now you can see on the game database http://steamdb.info/linux/ that half lifeCounter Strike and the newsest version Counter Strike Source have “Game Works” as Linux Status tag.

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Dec 182012

Valve has announced on a private mailing list that the Steam client for Linux beta will be opened to everyone from the coming week, this after an initial launch of a closed beta that lasted about 1 month.

Because of the stability provided by the client of Steam for Linux, Valve has finally decided to open the beta to everyone.
In this regard they indicate in the mailing list:

“The Open Beta will be available to the public and will increase the current population from 80K to a higher number”

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Nov 282012

Article by Jason Phillips

If you’re a real gamer you know just how terrifying Windows 8 can be. With the changes they’ve made there just might not be any sort of viable way for real gamers to get the kind of experience they want.

Expect seriously inconvenient DRM implementations and major difficulties for independent developers because of the proprietary (and profitable) app store built in to Windows 8. Independent developers are going to have no choice but to make the transition, meaning quality free games will disappear, too.

The Big Boys Will Still Be There, Though… Right?

You can expect the Steam client to be present on Windows 8 for a long time to come. There will also be many games and franchises created by your favorite publishers. But with many of the issues we’ve seen even the biggest publishers face with app stores, they might not be willing to work as hard as Microsoft wants them to.

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