Oct 012010

postinstall ubuntuAuthor: Aaron Haun

Installing and configuring Linux has really come a long way in the last few years. People who used to be afraid of it are now starting to realized the benefits and seeing that they out weigh the learning curve. It is usually ready to use straight out of the box but here are a few things that I do after an install to make my experience a little more pleasant.

The first thing I do is change my repositories. For those who do not know, Linux is an open source operating system and so is the available software. That means the source code is available to the public and anyone in the community can contribute patches and improvements. These patches and improvements are posted in a CVS repository. When you search your package manager for software to install it searches the repository for the data. There is a button to automatically select the best repository and use it as your default. Let it scan through the servers and pick the one it recommends when it is finished.

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