Introduction to Nitro, a task manager for Linux

Nitro is simple, fast and powerful. It can synchronize your appointments on the cloud with Ubuntu One and Dropbox, so you can access them from any computer, not lose any of your tasks and you’ll never get a conflicted copy. Nitro also creates a todo.txt file so you can see or embed your tasks in [...]

How to setup postfix to forward email to another email account on Debian/Ubuntu

Since its initial introduction into the business world in 2005, Google Apps has been available to small business users for free. Even when the premium version was launched in 2007, Google still maintained a free standard version for individuals and small organizations, this was great for small website, they could have their emails managed by [...]

Is Linux better than Windows 8 for gaming?

Article by Jason Phillips If you’re a real gamer you know just how terrifying Windows 8 can be. With the changes they’ve made there just might not be any sort of viable way for real gamers to get the kind of experience they want. Expect seriously inconvenient DRM implementations and major difficulties for independent developers because [...]

The Best Driving Games and Car Games on Linux

Today I propose to you 7 nice games about driving, they are all open source and freely downloadable. I’m not a great fan of this genre but I’ve played some of them and they have great graphics, and you’ll not miss what you can find on a Windows Computer. They are: Vdrift, TORCS, Speed Dreams, [...]

Interview with Gabriele, the man behind SalentOS

Today I am pleased to publish an interview with Gabriele, leader of the project SalentOS, as well as owner of the interesting blog , in the past we exchanged emails and articles and today I want to write a little more information about him and his project.