Cinnamon: A New Delicious Flavour For Linux Users To Enjoy

Gnome 3 has failed to win users over. Unity was so unpopular it wiped out Ubuntu’s lead on Distrowatch and made Linux Mint number one. With the dominant desktop (Gnome) and the dominant distribution (Ubuntu) both failing to set users’ hearts racing we’re reminded once again why we love using Linux – there’s so much [...]

A galaxy of Linux Distros

by Frank Harris-Smith The Internet is a great place to scratch the itch of curiosity. I’d heard some interesting things about Arch Linux so I Googled it. I wanted to know what the Distro was all about and a bit of it’s history. I accidentally discovered The GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline which informed me where Arch [...]

The many faces of Linux

Article by Frank Harris-Smith Linux is fundamentally a command line Operating System. Anything and everything can be done through the command line – system configuration, connecting to WiFi access points, even accessing new hardware devices before the Linux Kernel gets a driver for it (like USB Flash Drives before Linux Kernel 2.4 – pre 2001) [...]

Arios and gNatty – two interesting remaster of Ubuntu

Maybe you are disappointed by Unity and looking for something new? But you would not like to go away from the known Ubuntu environment? Of course, Ubuntu like any Linux distribution, you can customize the look and the behaviour in the way you want. Depending on the knowledge you have, it will be more or [...]

Poll: What’s the memory usage of your empty Linux Desktop Environment ?

In these days there is much talk about Unity, the new default desktop environment of Ubuntu one of the most popular Linux distributions, and so Unity will become the normal desktop environment for many users, there is also a lot of talk about Gnome 3 with its new features and capabilities that usually you love [...]