Nov 242011

Frank Harris-Smith

Linux and Windows. It’s like comparing Apples and Oranges. Software can be compared, but how do you do so fairly and honestly? And what sort of presumptions should I make concerning where the reader of this article stands? I presume you are among the “rare” Linux users.

Not easy at all. Let’s start of with where I come from. I use Linux because I really prefer the stability and security of the platform. My system’s performance is better.. Hands down Linux is much better than any flavor of Windows in those three categories. But then there’s the software issue.

I’m going to compare software simply on a “Does it do the job?” and is there a Linux equivalent, or how close to equivalent they are.
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Sep 062011

The browser market for GNU/Linux is dominated by Chrome and Firefox, with Opera on the sidelines with a smaller percentage of users. but as in all fields also in this one GNU/Linux offers many really interesting alternatives that you should evaluate.

I know that there are also text-based browsers, which i often use when I work on servers and I need a fast information or to verify a web-site, but today I’ll just go for the graphical ones used in desktop environment.

So let’s take a look at SRWare Iron, Icecat, Midori, Dillo and Rekonq.
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