Windows vs Linux Software

by Frank Harris-Smith Linux and Windows. It’s like comparing Apples and Oranges. Software can be compared, but how do you do so fairly and honestly? And what sort of presumptions should I make concerning where the reader of this article stands? I presume you are among the “rare” Linux users. Not easy at all. Let’s [...]

5 great FPS game for Linux

It’s some time that i don’t do a roundup of games, and so today i want to present you some of the best FPS available for Linux. Like i always say, the time where Linux games were not comparable with the Windows counterpart is past, and now , with the right hardware, you can play [...]

Linux for Work

by Frank Harris-Smith I use Linux for work. There is a smooth work flow that I can achieve using the Linux Desktop that just doesn’t happen for me on any other platform. I find using Linux for serious projects not only is efficient but I also enjoy the process. Both my home desktop and my [...]

gEdit, an easy to use text editor with many advanced features

by Frank Harris-Smith gEdit is a serious text editor in the tradition of many editors that the programmer or code jockey will appreciate – syntax highlighting in many source codes, script formats, markup formats, and even some Scientific formats. I write a lot of HTML code and I find the multiple undo/redo, find, search & [...]

Linux and Windows Integration with Virtualbox

Author: Mario Pesce Introduction As most people do,when I started using Linux, I created separate partitions for Linux and used Lilo or Grub to boot either into either Windows or Linux, according to the different job requirements. I normally used my laptop PC during the day in a company that used Windows applications in a [...]