XFCE 4.10 on Ubuntu 12.04

I’m a Xubuntu user, and so i was a bit disappointed that for some days my Xubuntu 12.04 missed the 4.10 release of XFCE. Luckily there is an easy way to install this version of XFCE on Ubuntu, there is an PPA that can bring the new feature of XFCE in your Ubuntu  in few [...]

The best articles of October 2011

I’m a bit late this month, but here we go, these are the top 7 of the most read articles from Linuxaria in the month of October, it’s your opportunity to read them if you missed them during last month. 7 – Logcheck: why I love you If you have a server, you probably would [...]

The many faces of Linux

Article by Frank Harris-Smith Linux is fundamentally a command line Operating System. Anything and everything can be done through the command line – system configuration, connecting to WiFi access points, even accessing new hardware devices before the Linux Kernel gets a driver for it (like USB Flash Drives before Linux Kernel 2.4 – pre 2001) [...]

It’s possible to integrate Thunderbird and Orage ?

Original article by: Francesco Di Leo I found this article by francesco very interesting, because at work I use Thunderbird with lighting extension, while at home I use my trusted Xubuntu (with integrated Orage), so thanks to his article I saw how to integrate the two objects. But what are Lighting and Orage ? Lightning [...]