Sep 012011

Today i’m glad to have a Guest post from DarkDuck, i read frequently his blog where i’ve found a lot of well done reviews on many different Linux distributions.

Pidgin: your favourite Internet Messenger or Power of Plugin

Communications are very important nowadays.

But sometimes there are so many ways to communicate that people lose tracks: what, where and how.

If we look at the world of instant messaging, there are 1001 protocol in the world: ICQ, QQ, GTalk, MSN to name a few. Most of them have their own clients which you can use standalone. But soon you’ll get lost between them. Isn’t it easier to use single messaging client which supports multiple messaging systems and protocols? Of course it is!

That’s time for our today’s hero to come on stage. Please meet! Pidgin!

Pidgin is multi protocol instant messenger developed by open source community.
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May 102011

The news today is that Microsoft seem to be in the process of buying has bought Skype for something around $8.5 billion.
So what will happen to Linux support for Skype ? No one knows it at the moment but  I can imagine nothing too good, in the best scenario, that I can imagine at the moment, the new Skype servers are still open to Linux clients, but the support on our operating system is left back and over some time using Skype on Linux become almost impossible.

But perhaps it’s better to talk to something else…what do you know about XMPP/Jingle ? Continue reading »

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