Apr 282011

a_day_in_the_life_by_barid42-d3dzbccIn a previous article I introduced some programs to automatically change your desktop to show for example your own photo gallery , today I’ll show you a program that change the background, depending on the time of the day and also depending on weather: Izulu


Izulu is a wallpaper tool which changes the background of your GNU/Linux-Desktop according to the weather and time of the day.


  • Recognize the current weather conditions via google.
  • React via yahoo to sunset and sunrise.
  • Distinguish between 2×14 weather states in 5 categories (day -> rain -> light rain).
  • Randomly select a picture out of a collection, if you want to.


The software is NOT available in the repository of the main distro, it’s possible to download a package .deb at this link, this is easily installable on Ubuntu e Debian.

In Ubuntu 10.10 you need to install dependencies first with the command:

sudo aptitude install xmlstarlet xml-twig-tools

And now to install the package, run from a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i /tmp/izulu-

Substitute to /tmp the directory where you have downloaded the file.

Basic usage

For an help with all the options use:

izulu --help

To set up izulu with a city (Rome in the example)

izulu -c Rome

The package is made to work on Gnome (2.x) and XFCE, but i’ve read that should work also on LXDE and Enlightenment, just edit the configuration file in ~/.izule/configuration and put the proper WPCOMMAND for setting your background, ie: lxde=pcmanfm -w, E=Esetroot -scale


You can find the shipped images in /usr/share/izulu, you can substitute these with your own putting the new image in ~/.izulu/, if they have the same name they will replace the original.

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