Jan 242011

lutrisThe Universal Gaming Platform For GNU Linux

Lutris is a gaming platform planning to support as many games as possible for GNU/Linux. It takes care of installing and running the games by setting up the best environment in order to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience.

Unlike existing similar projects (PlayOnLinux, DJL), Lutris aims to support games from every operating system and console as long as there’s is a way to make them run properly on Linux.

Lutris also aims to provide social tools such as inviting friends to join an online game, user ratings…

What games are supported ?

Lutris supports native Linux games of course, both commercial and Open Source and Windows games with the help of wine. Lutris also supports the best of breed emulators so you can play almost every game.


Lutris is still in a very early stage of development, so it’s not yet available for every Linux distribution. The package provided should work on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and Debian Squeeze.

Download Lutris 0.2.4

To install this package, double click on the file you have downloaded or open it with the Software Center.

For otehr distribution check the download page for specific instructions

You can help !

Lutris is Open Source Software and is under a GPL v3 License. Contributors are more than welcome as I has lots of work elsewhere too and I’m not able to devote 100% of my time to Lutris 😉 You don’t have to be a Python expert to help, just run the program, report bugs, submit your ideas, etc …


Lutris.net | Launchpad page | Wiki

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