Nov 242013

In the past I’ve published an article about “6 Microblogging clients for Linux” and one about Turpial, now I’ve just discovered thanks to that the developers are working on version 3 and that for what you can see this version it’s better than ever.

Article by Roberto Ferramosca first published in Italian on

The developers of the twitter client Turpial have recently announced that they have taken over the development of the new version 3 which will include a new graphical user interface and other interesting news

Among the many open source applications for Linux born in these years there are also several Twitter clients, and some are very complete and functional .
Among the best known are Gwibber / Friends present by default in most Linux distributions (including Ubuntu), Choqok a specific Twitter client for KDE and many other such as Hotot, Gnome Feed Line, TweetDeck TWD, Birdie and the new Corebird . Some famous Twitter client instead got a little lost in the recent years such as Pine and the good old Turpial project now ” stop ” to version 1.6.9 from 2011. Apparently the project Turpial seems to be ready to come back, to confirm this it is Wil Alvarez, founder of the project, announced that it has taken over the project and also releasing the first images of the future version of Turpial 3.


Turpial 3 is a Twitter client completely redesigned with a new multi-column user interface, that it’s usually present in the most popular Twitter clients and highly appreciated by the users.

Among the new confirmed for the new Turpial 3 you can find support for multi-accounts which allow you to access/view multiple accounts in a single window, and it also introduces a new option that will allow to customize the refresh rate, it’s also possible to filter searches for hashtag, word, user, etc..
And it’s possible to follow the development of new Turpial 3 from the relevant page in GitHub, meaning you can install the new version by downloading the source code but during my tests on Arch Linux I noticed many errors in the compilation that prevented me to be able to test the new version under development .

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