May 252012

Do you write HTML, PHP, Java or some other code ? You probably don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for software that you would use maybe only as a hobby? Today, I present an amazing solution, a multi-platform software that can wins ten to zero with the most popular programming editor on the market! Today I talk about Bluefish!

Developed in C/GTK+ is a software that can be used on all the major operating systems. You can use it, in fact, on Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac
It’s available in 10 ​​of the most important languages this software is a mix between a simple text editor and a very complete IDE. It’s a very intuitive software, thanks to some really interesting features and makes writing code a very relaxing, and not chaotic, experience .

Some of the supported programming languages ​​are C/C+ +, CSS, CFML, gettext PO, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell, SQL, and XML. With all these languages ​​you can take advantage of the many useful features that this native software for Linux offers to its users. First of all, to please the novice, the software offers a full support to its users. You will be able, in fact, to use all the features such as to highlight the various blocks with different colors depending on the hierarchy and depending on the tags, use the autocompletion of tags that will save yourself much time, and a very complete guide is available online and other functions that you can use without any limitations.

Other important features are the speed of the program, which makes Bluefish faster up to 50% compared to some IDE that can cost hundreds of dollars, the restore of your work through a very efficient backup system, the possibility of synchronization and many other functions.
In short, Bluefish can be a great solution for everyone. Whether you work with CSS for modifying Joomla templates, for those who work with Java programs, and much more.
Integration with various operating systems is good. Especially for Linux. Although in fact it is a software designed for Gnome it can live with all the graphical environments or any WM !

If this software has caught your attention here are the instructions to get it. For Windows you have to download the executable from the official site. If you are a Linux user, and I hope you are for your own good, the job is much easier. You should, in fact, find the software in your distribution’s official repositories. Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora repository have it in any case you should be able to install it your package manager (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install bluefish). In the case of other distributions do not despair! In the download section of the site you will find useful instructions.

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  5 Responses to “Bluefish. A powerful HTML editor, and more.”

  1. Check Bluegriffon too.

  2. I agree, Bluefish is a great tool for all kinds of programing languages. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of IDEs. Running Bluefish on any Linux desktop I maintain is mandatory for me. I also install it on any Linux desktop I setup for clients.

    |>( /)>

  3. What’s wrong with Kate?

  4. Bluefish is powerful but Destructive to Windows. It modifies VBS (VisualBasic Script) default associates and makes *.vbs files non executable. So be careful using it on Windows.

  5. I miss the library file features and flexibility of NoteTab, but since it’s only MS compatible and runs half-fast at best under WINE I don’t use it any more. If Bluefish could incorporate those features FANTASTIC! It would suit my every need. As it is, Bluefish is my editor of choice, I just wish it were a bit more flexible along the lines of NoteTab.

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