Apr 272012

Thank to Gabriele, who in addition to the time he spends for his UbuBox SalentOS he finds and post also some great tools for Linux on his blog Gmstyle .

Today we’ll take a look at Silicon Empire a software that can help us in all our Burning operations.
Silicon Empire is set of tools to Burn, Copy, Backup, Manage and … your optical discs like CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray.
Silicon Empire is released under GPL and LGPL License version 3 and is available for Linux,Windows and Mac.

Some of the main features. of this software are:

MultiTask and Application Manager. – This is a technology that runs and manage number of Special Applications (Not Process) on the silicon Empire. It’s not an Operating System feature. But uses some similar methods to manage applications inside the “framework”.

Burn and Copy Optical Discs. – Silicon Empire Can Burn and Copy Optical Discs with help of the cdr-tools engine. Because The Disc Burner of the silicon Empire builds on the low-level layers , silicon can Manage and Queuing overlapping burn or copy processes.

Multiplatform & compatible with your desktop. Thanks to the help of Qt Technology SIlicon run on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Support all type of optical discs. Silicon supports all standard type of the optical discs like CD, DVD (DVD+R or DVD-R) and Blu-Ray. When you insert your disc in the device, Silicon automatically detect all about them. Re-Writable Discs are also Supported.

Disc Image Mounter. Mount/Unmount Discs Images with help of fuseiso technology.

Audio player – It uses the well-known Minitunes player and based on the Phonon framework and once loaded with audios, it can automatically search for online services such as last.fm to find missing album information and cover arts, etc.

audio player


At the moment Silicon Empire is available (as binary package) only for Ubuntu 11.10 (32 and 64 bit) , from the Download page it seems that a binary package for Arch and fedora is also planned. As alternative you can download the source tarball and compile it.

If you have Ubuntu 11.04 and Mint you can also download the .deb package and install it with the command:

sudo dpkg --force-all -i *.deb && sudo apt-get -f install

To install from the source package in Ubuntu 11.04 you’ll need these packages:

sudo apt-get install g++ libqt4-dev qmake libtag1-dev libphonon-dev fuseiso hal make wodim genisoimage

After you’ve installed these packages you can unzip the source in a directory and compile it with:

<span id="GRmark_17b1873f2cef075bdb2644e7e397526fd9758104_cd:0" class="GRcorrect">cd</span> path/to/silicon/directory
sudo make install


Great graphics and many features in one program makes this software very interesting in my opinion, the only problem is its youth, but we know that with a bit of time this “problem” passes for everything.

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  4 Responses to “Burn CD/DVD/BluRay on Linux with Silicon Empire”

  1. What are the differences and benefits of Silicon Empire compared to “standard” Brasero, K3B, Xfburn?

    • In the past I’ve used Brasero and it’s a good program for just burning DVD (never tested Blue-ray)
      Silicon Empire is in his early stage but the direction seem to be to have a big software that call other things to do more things, like a photo viewer, probably they will add also some sort of movie viewer (or so i think) so this could become 1 software to do everything regarding Multimedia software.

  2. If they’re going to compete with both Nero/Brasero/K3B on one side and VLC/WMP on another side, that would be a tough fight.
    I can only wish them a good luck in this!

  3. I have tested the program in unbuntu 12.10. Installation was done with deb package.The column of feature icons lost except “favourite” and the menu on right corner.
    After I chose openGL in the setup, the content inside the app window scrambled. It remain so even after uninstalled. If installed from source directly, errors when doing
    “make”. Do anyone know whether this program can work in ubuntu 12.10 or not since the package itself claimed as for oneric 11.10 only.

    Anyone could make a further review on using this program.

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