Jan 272012

Article By Giuseppe Sanna

I bet that when you turn on your PC, one of the first programs that you start is your Browser .
Indeed, many say that the browser that we have installed in our computer show a part of us! There is, therefore, who prefer Opera: a browser elegant and very
particular, for those who prefer the aesthetics at the practicality, there are those who, following the mass chose the Firefox browser, which has won a great battle against IE in a recent past.

And finally there are those who prefer the speed, stability and efficiency, and they choose Google Chrome or Chromium !

Today we will see how to configure these two browsers in order to make the most of all from their potential.
First, i clarify that between the two browsers there is no practical difference, and that this tutorial applies to both.
The difference is a matter of program code and license : in practice, Google Chrome has a closed source code and so it can not be changed … the exact opposite of Chromium!
First of all, my rule, whenever I change the browser on any kind of device, either a NetBook, a Desktop PC or Android, the first thing I do is to set the opening tabs at startup.

In that way I can have Google in the first tab , Facebook in the second, and in the others you can find a few forums and the inevitable eBay.
It’s very practical for me, ans so I always use this setup when i use a new PC.
It’s very simple to achieve this result: open Chrome or Chromium, click on the wrench in the top right , then ” Preferences” and at this point choose the tab ” Basic Settings “choose the page under” startup “.

The quickest way to do this setup, it’s to open all the pages that you want to see at the start up in different tabs and then click ” Open the following pages” and Use current pages “. it’s easy ?

Now that we have set the pages what do you think about synchronize all aspects of our browsers Chrome or Chromium? In fact, if you have multiple PCs, and maybe you save a bookmark in the NetBook and then you want to see it at home in the comfort of your armchair, the best solution may be to synchronize all your Chrome and Chromium ?

Nothing could be simpler: you just need a Google account, and go to “ Preferences ” move to the tab ” Personal Settings” and edit the “ Login ” information, the first item that you will find. By doing so you will have synchronized, not just the favorites, but also the installed extensions, pop-ups, passwords, contacts, start pages and so on … But a note of warning for Chromium, about the aspect of synchronization, at the moment it has a lot of nasty bugs that discourage those who choose stability and do not want to find their favorites list empty !

So far we have seen the basic functions, but now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start having fun … As you probably know, in the Chrome Store
there is a large number of very useful add-ons. Now I will tell you which ones I have installed and also some tips for installing the others. First I will explain how you can install them! It’s very simple … Open a new tab and click on “ Chrome Web Store “. This, will open a new world !
Browsing through the categories you’ll have a lot of choices.
For this reason I will only list some very useful extensions and leave you with a daunting task … to choose the other!
The first extension that you MUST install it’s “ AdBock Plus “. This extension will completely blocks all advertising pages in the Browser and even from downloading.

As a matter of ethics and also, why not curiosity, I suggest to install it and use it only on computers that use data connections. Without advertising, the size of a page can be halved.
Since we do not want to eat our daily MB, I bet that you want also to know how to block all the animations and make them start only when (or if) you want it! Nothing could be easier than installing “ Flash Block “. With this extension the animations, whether video or others, are
obscured and if you want to see, for example, that video all you have to do is to click on that video box and, magically, it will start as usual!
And now, for lovers of ecommerce, i really suggest to install the eBay official extension. It’s amazing … never miss an auction! In short, these three small extensions are in my opinion the ones that should even be pre-installed … now you just have to go to find some extension that suits your needs or, why not, maybe have fun with the PacMan of our day: Angry Birds … and maybe, if you go to the bottom of the Store, you will also find some extension that will help in surfing the net …;)

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  6 Responses to “Chrome and Chromium: small golden rules to get the perfect browser !”

  1. And then there are those who use firefox because they have used it since it was Phoenix. And they have found they can customize it to make it there own.

  2. I agree with John B Spence, but I’ll refrain from inflaming if I can help it: no offense meant to you, but a good blog post should avoid polarizing comments of any kind, especially insinuations like “Firefox users are sheep,” even if it wasn’t explicit.

  3. Chromium is great – fast, sleek, etc., but I’m sticking with Firefox mainly because of all the plugins available for Firefox that aren’t available for Chromium. And, everything you mention about Chromium (syncing, tabs at startup, etc.) is easily doable in Firefox. So, why switch?

  4. Using XPHome-but also Ubuntu 9.04- tried Chrome and reverted back to Firefox. Guess this old fogey is satisfied with good, stable, no unnecessary frills

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