Apr 112011

sorryToday i got another 4 hours of down of the site.
When i logged into my hosting site i found that my homedir was empty and when i requested some informations at the support i got:

“We have checked your issue and found that you have deleted all main dirs(public_html,etc) thats why your site is not working.

We need to reset your account and then you need to start from scratch.”

So my hosting say that’s i’ve deleted everything and than i forgot everything about this…. sure.

I think it’s pointless to spend time with the support trying to understand what really happened, perhaps it’s not even their fault and so i’ve spent the last 3 hours in recovery the site from a backup (luckily i’m used to do this at least once at week).

So sorry for this further down of the site, i’m already searching for a new hosting company and i promise that i’ll not delete again all my files in my homedir in the future.

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  4 Responses to “Another down, sorry !”

  1. home dir? Do you really use linux server…??
    Ah, mad. 😉

    • Probably with an IIS on windows XP hosting i’d have a better uptime :/
      But in this case the problem is not the Operating system…but how you manage it 😛

  2. That’s terrible!

    Hope it doesn’t take too long to recover.
    Who is the service provider? I’d like to avoid them if their technical support people can’t figure out what really happened.

    Good Luck!

    Steve Dupuis
    Ottawa, Canada

  3. I hardly recommend you Linode
    You will get your VPS for 20$us a month.
    I’ve been with them for two years now, and no real problems in that time.
    Small issues, immediately solved by their support.
    I’m at Newark Datacenter.

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