Feb 062013

In the past I’ve talked about Tomboy, that i was not liking too much to have a Mono application in all my computers, but that Tomboy sync feature was really too good for me, well it seems that someone else has decided that it’s times for me to switch to another Notes program.

In a recent post on Ubuntu One blog Canonical announced that its Cloud service (U1, aka Ubuntu One) will cease syncing Tomboy Notes to U1, meaning U1 won’t transfer your notes between computers.

That the interesting piece from that blog post:

As part of that ongoing strategy to constantly make sure we are spending our time on the right things, we’ll continue to improve our services during 2013. One of these updates, an upcoming database change, will impact how we currently sync Tomboy Notes. By the end of February 2013 we will cease syncing Tomboy Notes to U1, meaning U1 won’t transfer your notes between computers. Those of you still using U1 to sync your notes will need to stop relying on the service to sync or restore notes after new installations.

We realize syncing notes to Ubuntu One was a nice feature for a small set of people, even so, we are contacting the Tomboy developers to help them support our new APIs which utilizes our new U1DB data sync service.

What this means to me ?

1) Bad move for the cloud service of Canonical, while others providers add services, storage space or nice features to gain new users, they remove a feature that was really useful, for me and also for many other users and that was something they were alone to offer, honestly when I started to think which cloud service to use the fact that Ubuntu One was offering a sync notes service, with the possibility to read/edit them online was one of the point that make me sign in to their service.

2) The alternative for Tomboy suggested in that post is to put in sync a directory with this procedure:

Backup your notes to a local folder and sync that folder with Ubuntu One. Note, if you are syncing notes between multiple computers, there may be some issues that arise due to conflicts. Here is how to sync notes with Ubuntu One and Tomboy’s local folder sync setup:

  • Open Tomboy and open the Preferences menu
  • Click on the “Synchronization” tab
  • Click the “Clear” button
  • Select “Local Folder” from the “Service” drop down menu
  • Select a folder to sync your notes to from the “Folder Path” menu
  • Click the “Save” button
  • Open the Ubuntu One Control Panel and click the “Add a folder from this computer” button under the “Folders” tab and select the folder you chose in previous step

3) As last point, all of this means to me that it’s time to say goodbye to Tomboy, I can now use another any other Notes programs (probably gnote) with any cloud service (dropbox, gdrive or U1).

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  3 Responses to “Ubuntu One discontinues support to Tomboy”

  1. Finally! Keep away that mono app from ubuntu.
    personally I use KeepNote which is fairly more advanced than tomboy. Syncing is very easy as I just put the notebook inside my ubuntu one folder. Automatic!

  2. That tomboy thing was really great, however, this I don’t know which time on linux that you get used to something and then someone decides to remove it. To bad that they didn’t come up with an alternative application, as someone said, I can keep my note up to date on dropbox the way that they gave as an alternative.

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