Jan 222013

NEWS: 03- Feb 2013 Sites GetDeb.net, PlayDeb.net and repository up again, from G+

Fortunately, we did have an up-to-date backup of the old server at the end. The last days I was busy to get everything set up. The sites are up again and you should be able to browse the packages (none should be lost) as well as to use the repository as usual. If you have problems be sure that “dig screenshots.getdeb.net” outputs “”


A sad day indeed for many users of the .deb format, 2 of my favourites repositories getdeb and playdeb are now closed forever (?), this is the message posted on G+ by their author:

After the server crash where also the GetDeb and PlayDeb database was lost and given the fact that GetDeb and PlayDeb now have too many packages to be handled as a one-man-project I decided to discontinue GetDeb and PlayDeb.
In the last years I have spent so many hours in the project that now it is just too much for me to maintain beside my usual job.

But this does not mean that all the work in GetDeb and PlayDeb is lost.

The repository is still completely mirrored, e.g.: 


 (Google search: ‘quantal-getdeb-testing intitle:”Index of”‘ should give you a good list).Also all the package script (i.e. the debian directory) for every package in the precise and quantal repository are available in my GitHub repositories:* 



* For special upstream watchers there is this repository:


The web interface of both GetDeb and PlayDeb is called apt-portal which is specialised for viewing the information in an apt repository:* 


And finally there are the scripts and little helpers of the automated build process:* 


The entire repository of Debian packages can be downloaded with this script:* 


It is currently 84GiB in size so please only download it if you really want all the packages. If you just want some simply use a mirror.Let me also thank everybody of you for the trust you had in GetDeb and PlayDeb as an unofficial repository. I think GetDeb and PlayDeb were one of the greatest unofficial repositories for Ubuntu packages.I think to spend some time to bring some of the packages in the official repository.

Thank you and bye!

These 2 repository were operating from 2008 and in these years have add to .deb users many interesting applications and games, Mint ditribution added them in the official list of the suggested repository, and so they become quiet popular among users.

Well, my hope is that someone fork this great project and continue in the distribution of these extra packages, if this would happen I could be really interested in some sort of sponsorship.

Anyway a great thanks to the person that alone (!) managed these 2 repositories for all this time, kudos to you.

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  1. The stupid thing is these sites need to be integrated with distributions. Example KDE based OS’s should have the repository kde-apps.org. There must have been distros that had poor repositories that could ahve doen a deal with GetDeb and shared builds and open source apps that don’t make it to say Ubuntu.

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