Mar 152011

codemotionMany of the presentations submitted to Codemotion 2011 have been published, they cover many topics and I really suggest you to take a look, considering the excellent quality with which they were produced and the variety of subjects.

I’ve received some slides from the friend Paolo Proni and i already published them on the blog in the past regarding EASYDRIVER , if you are Java developers interested in an innovative approach to access to a Database, i suggest to take a look at the slides.

But now take let’s take a look at some of the other interesting presentations.

Some of the presentations made at Codemotion 2011 at Rome.

REST in peace by Alessandro Nadalin
Description: RESTful architectures and caching with Edge Side Includes specification.

MongoDB by Massimiliano Dessi
Description:MongoDB slides, examples with scala casbah

Java OS-less: JRockit Virtual Edition By Nino Guarnacci (Oracle Italia)
Description: The benefits of having a Java virtual machine that does not need an operating system. Making your application an “appliance” technology, making full use of available hardware resources. Simplify configuration and security of application environments. Ensure full portability of code between different environments (physical and virtual). Maximize performance through technology Real-Time, Deterministic GC, minimizing the costs of resources and skill.

Physics in Android games By Martin Gunnarsson and Pär Sikö, Epsilon Information Technology
Description: Realistic physics can add a new dimension to many traditional games, and enable a lot of new and creative game concepts. In this presentation we’ll show how to integrate a physics engine into Android games and applications. We’ll show features like gravity, collisions and joints, and explain how to use them. We’ll finish off by showing a simple game incorporating all the topics we’ve covered, and sharing some valuable tips and tricks.

Multi-platform indie game development
By Davide Coppola

If you liked it, check the username Codemotion on slideshare where are published other interesting presentations:

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