May 112012

Article by Giuseppe Sanna

We all know and love Linux and its distributions. Operating Systems that are lightweight, fast, highly customizable, free, advanced … These are just some of the thousands of qualities that our OS Linux have! But as we are also humble users and Linux users … not cocky, we recognize the limits of our sweet penguin, there is a cons we have to remember that this operating system gives to us! Perhaps this is the only … A penalty that surely does not affect all, me for first ! On our beloved Linux Box, in fact, is really difficult to find games with appealing graphics. Maybe you can find some games, but not one of the highest successful video games like GTA, NFS and so on …

At least so far…

All of you who use Linux and love video games are about to discover something amazing …
That’s right! As you may have guessed from the title, some titles of respect are going to get in our machines! Just for some time, in fact, some famous video games producer are starting to notice the huge success of Linux distributions and, as a smart-for-profit corporations they are beginning to direct their thinking towards the scenario of the penguin games! Maybe a few days ago all this would seem a mere myth. But not today …

And in fact recently has been announced by two important games producer to release in a future not so far, a few titles of their works for our Linux Box!
Not everything is as abstract as some think … Indeed it would seem that the two houses, Steam and EA, have even announced the names of some video games. In the WEB In fact, it seems even possible to retrieve a screenshot of “Left4Dead” running on Ubuntu. If Steam has made ​​his move, EA has made a “Raise”! Jono Bacon, in fact, reported in his blog that Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances and Lord of Ultima are about to come in the increasingly used world of Ubuntu.
Another thing near certainty is that these software, unlike the video games for Windows and Mac versions will not be available as box version but only on online store. In this case in the Ubuntu Software Center. Perhaps some will not be happy of this distribution, but if you think at this a bit further you can explore the possibility of having lower prices than the versions for other OS! After all, if you think about it, the videogame producer would save cash on paper and on DVD!

Also we can say goodbye to optical drives ruined by time and not only!
Unfortunately, talking about prices in the same article where I mention Ubuntu disturbs me and surely many of you I bet. But all in all we must also think about, Linux lover, that are willing to pay to buy the games. Of course, these users leave much to be desired in the philosophy of strictly “Open Source”, but we must also understand that it is difficult to repress a passion!

However, criticism or not, I, as a not gamer, I’m really curious to follow this story. A story that will surely be very exciting. Of course, we are just starting … but who knows how this will evolve!

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  5 Responses to “Video game lovers listen ! Ubuntu is going to give you some unexpected emotions!”

  1. I think the Humble Indie Bundle series of releases demonstrated that Linux users are willing to pay for games.

  2. I’m a gamer since pacman days and i dont like games with pretty graphics,full of bugs on release and with astronomic prices. Gameplay, cross-platform (to play with friends) is more important to me.

    Open source games are amazing today (Playdeb),
    Emulators to play my old games and implementations to play some Windows games (DosBox, PlayOnLinux)
    Indie games with native clients (Humble Indie, Desura)

    If this great companies want to see success i suggest no DRM, native clients and only minor bugs in release.

  3. I think you are mistaken about EA. They are not supporting Linux at all, or even planning to. The two games you mentioned are simply browser games, and the Ubuntu Software Centre will have them listed as applications, when in fact they are just bookmarks, from which Ubuntu will make money through referrals.

    If you want to talk about browser games, you could mention all the NativeClient games too, like Bastion for example – a much better game than the two Facebook games EA have to offer.

  4. Devo dire una cosa per forza:

    Prima di tutto, anche se lo ritengo un enorme passo in avanti, EA per adesso ha solo proposto a noi linuxiani i client per due giochi che sono attualmente disponibili su browser e totalmente free. In sostanza, è come averci fatto un “collegamento” al gioco già di per sè disponibile. Ma ripeto, è un passo in avanti enorme anche già solo che una così grande software house si sia interessata a Linux dopo anni di deserto in questo senso.

    Secondo, ma non meno importante, io sono nato e cresciuto con i videogiochi, avevo l’Amiga 600, e ho avuto i primissimi pc da casa, tra cui il famoso 486. Ho scoperto il mondo di Linux solo da “giovane adulto”, ma per me la passione dei videogiochi va al di là di tutto il resto. Di conseguenza, io sono amante dell’open-source, del free, del modificabile, dell’aggiornabile, di tutto ciò che circonda il mondo di Linux, ma i videogiochi vengono e verranno sempre prima. Mi sto battendo da anni (e il mio blog ne è una testimonianza) per fare in modo che la maggior parte degli utenti sappia che, non pretendendo di giocare al gioco uscito ieri al massimo dei dettagli e a 60FPS fissi, un buon 70% dei giochi attualmente in commercio può essere giocato più che decentemente su Linux, e che ci sono centinaia di giochi indie veramente stupendi che non hanno niente da invidiare ai vari GTA, NFS (tanto per citare quelli che hai citato tu)…
    I progressi fatti da questo punto di vista sono enormi, giganteschi anche solo rispetto a 3-4 anni fa, e come ho già detto mi batterò fino alla morte per portare il mondo videoludico su Linux!

  5. Bha! Linux is not make to play game, for market, perhaps, is better oriented to android for gaming

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