Feb 202013

Perhaps this is really the year of gaming on Linux, if you are reading this post probably you are interested in gaming and Linux, and I’ve got a good news for you : there is a big sale of games for Linux on Steam until FEB 21, 10AM PST.


They are all closed source games, and you must pay for them (well almost for all) but I’m not contrary to this by principle and I see in this sale a big opportunity to help other user to drop their second partition with a windows and switch totally to Linux.

Which games are available ?
A lot, really, let’s see a look at some of my favorite.

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Feb 062013

In the past I’ve talked about Tomboy, that i was not liking too much to have a Mono application in all my computers, but that Tomboy sync feature was really too good for me, well it seems that someone else has decided that it’s times for me to switch to another Notes program.

In a recent post on Ubuntu One blog Canonical announced that its Cloud service (U1, aka Ubuntu One) will cease syncing Tomboy Notes to U1, meaning U1 won’t transfer your notes between computers.

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Jan 222013

NEWS: 03- Feb 2013 Sites GetDeb.net, PlayDeb.net and repository up again, from G+

Fortunately, we did have an up-to-date backup of the old server at the end. The last days I was busy to get everything set up. The sites are up again and you should be able to browse the packages (none should be lost) as well as to use the repository as usual. If you have problems be sure that “dig screenshots.getdeb.net” outputs “″


A sad day indeed for many users of the .deb format, 2 of my favourites repositories getdeb and playdeb are now closed forever (?), this is the message posted on G+ by their author:

After the server crash where also the GetDeb and PlayDeb database was lost and given the fact that GetDeb and PlayDeb now have too many packages to be handled as a one-man-project I decided to discontinue GetDeb and PlayDeb.
In the last years I have spent so many hours in the project that now it is just too much for me to maintain beside my usual job.

But this does not mean that all the work in GetDeb and PlayDeb is lost.

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Jan 212013

There has been some debate and consideration in recent years about when the Linux gaming platform will officially gain ground? Critics and market skeptics have wondered when it will really take off and it will be Linux’s turn to procure large portions of the market share. New games and gaming consoles geared toward this system have left many asserting that 2013 will finally be the “year of Linux.” But why?


In the past, it seemed that those who were promoting and predicting the role of Linux were not aware of what problems it had. Disasters such as losing iD Software faltering in its support of the company and Epic Games infighting made the path to success difficult. The question of where the Linux desktop platform and software would fit in has also been called into question in the past. Yet, these controversies have seemed to subside and the key to Linux success is being predicted not on the desktop per se but in the gaming world. It is in the games that Linux is ready to make its mark in the coming year.
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Jan 202013

alias.shIf you are a Linux system administrator or you just wish to save a copy of your alias on the net, this is the service for you !
alias.sh is a new project that offer a simple service: allows you to manage all of your aliases online and browse the list of cool aliases submitted by others. From the term of your desktop, or server, you can run a single command to copy all your aliases on your system, or back into your profile should you require them.

You’ll have public alias, that everyone can use and that you can share with friends and followers and private alias, for your use only.

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