Aug 072010

While I was configuring WordPress, I realized that it would be very handy to have a plugin that will automatically publish a new post on the Facebook fan page dedicated to the site.

After some research, I realized that it is full of WordPress plugins for Facebook, but nothing that applied to my case . I then decided to use Twitter as a “bounce site” and publish on my FP my tweets. This can easily be achieved because WordPress has many plugins that automatically publish posts on Twitter.

These are the steps to do this:

1) Install the plugin on wordpress TwitCategory, activate it, and then go to Tools and select TwitCategory. You’ll get the following screen:

tweetcategory menu
After entering your username and password for Twitter, you can decide whether to publish one or all categories, as well as the format of the Twitter post. Notice in this regard, the hashtag #fb added to the bottom (it’s important in this position). This will lead to the next step.

2) Add the application Selective Twitter Status to your fan page. Be careful to add it to your fan page and NOT to your profile (unless you want it). I had some problems, and every time I added the app I got “You Do not Have the app installed – install the app here – no, you need to add it to your fan page.” In the end, I got it with these steps:

  • Installed the app on my account
  • Verified that this was the list of my app
  • Added to my fan page,
  • Removed from my account and logged out from Facebook.
  • In 5 minutes logged back in. At this point, this is what finally popped up on my fan page:


Give appropriate permissions and you’re done. However, if you have trouble, consult this post

Congratulations, at this point all your posts will be published at first on Twitter and then on your Facebook Fan Page.

But I wanted to choose which posts to publish!

You can do just that in the configuration TwitCategory by not adding the hashtag #fb. At this point, to select which posts arrive on the Fan page you must act on the permalink of the post. If you want to publish a post you must append to the permalink a space and then the hashtag #fb.

This way you will give the command to publish on Facebook.

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