Oct 072013

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When most people think of video games on a computer, they assume that all games must be played on a computer running Microsoft Windows. These people forget that there are other operating systems for people to play games on like Linux. This operating system is found to be quite capable with non-gaming tasks and now developers have started to turn their attention to this small, but growing section of customers who wish to play games also. With the new found attention that Linux is gaining, even Steam is starting to support Linux with increasing types of games starting to appear. This includes horror and scary games. One of the games which are making people scream at their monitors is Eyes: The Horror Game.

When players first start the game, they are greeted with a text message. This message says that 12 money bags are in this house and that you have to go in, find them and escape. The problem is that the house is haunted with a disembodied head that roams the halls and stairwells of the house. If this monster catches the player, it’s game over. Players will have to use their stamina to run away from the monster.


In Eyes, players are tasked with going into a house and retrieving the money bags that a friend has stashed inside. Players will use the WASD buttons on the keyboard to move around their environment. Pressing the M button will bring up a childlike drawing representing a map of the interior of the house. Players can also use the Q button to use a special ability: the ghost vision. Ghost vision is obtained by finding a drawing of an eye on one of the walls. When found, players can use this ability to determine where the monster is and plan their path accordingly. The game has three difficulty levels to choose from. The controls can feel a little stiff at times and can take a little to getting used to them.


The graphics of the game create a perfect ambiance to the title. The graphics are not as good as other indie titles, however with the glow of the flashlight coming straight out of the center of the screen makes the game feel like a realistic setting. The monster is great for what it does, adding the shock value that the game needs. The look of the game goes in line with the sound of the game. It is creepy and very effective.

So, if you have a computer running Linux and want to try out how gaming works on that platform, download Eyes: The Horror Game. It is a creepy, fun filled game that can be beat in just a few minutes on easy but can offer a challenge on the higher difficulties. It is also a game that you can show to your friends to see their reaction the first time they get caught and then smile as they try to escape the house again.


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