Aug 172010

google dnsIn recent years we heard most often about using alternate DNS to those provided by your ISP.

But why not use your ISP’s DNS in theory it should be as fast as possible since there are fewer network hops to reach it, but the alternate DNS, provide additional services (such domains are known to report scams) are redundant worldwide and therefore offer greater stability.


Among the many DNS providers the best known are undoubtedly Opendns and Google Dns, the first is historically the market leader, offers additional services for a fee or the possibility of using their DNS servers for free, for some years I’ve used  with satisfaction this service.

Google has also entered this market by declaring that his mission is to achieve “faster navigation,” and then offers his free service with IP easily memorable (the primary DNS is

Opendns immediately reacted to this invasion of his field with articles that show Opendns is better than Google, on the other hand Google fans enthusiastically greeted this latest initiative by declaring that opendns offers a non-standard DNS and more slower than google, but all this we forget our old ISP.

Some years ago I had to change the primary DNS as that of my ISP (Alice) was totally unstable, sometimes worked for long periods and then did not respond causing slowdowns on ordinary navigation, but now?

I noticed about one month ago that the primary DNS of OpenDNS had problems to be reached from my connection, so I put my hand to the list of DNS, and added a DNS cache (which has greatly helped), but now for not take any doubt i launched a test run 1000 DNS requests to OpenDNS, Google and telecom (my ISP) and these are the results:

Test 1: Google

68023 ms for 1000 records

Test 2: Google

82089 ms for 1000 records

Test 3: Google

72216 ms for 1000 records

Test 1: OpenDNS

338428 ms for 1000 records

Test 2: OpenDNS

223014 ms for 1000 records

Test 3: OpenDNS

243900 ms for 1000 records

Test 1: Your DNS

48762 ms for 1000 records

Test 2: Your DNS

50076 ms for 1000 records

Test 3: Your DNS

55260 ms for 1000 records

As suspected opendns has soem real problem at the moment from my internet conenction.

Google is fast, but still slower than my ISP DNS so according to this test that’s’my current resolv.conf:

nameserver #Dns Cache

nameserver # Telecom DNS

nameserver # Google DNS

nameserver # Opendns DNS

My advice is to do the same on your PC and see which DNS server to use.

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  1. Bit of an old post but I actually found that both OpenDNS and Google DNS were both worse than the BT Servers on DNS Lookup Speed, with about double the response time after I tried them out.

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