May 082011

 In a previous article i’ve wrote about creating qr code from the command line, but perhaps this is not always the preferred method for everyone.
So QtQR come to help us with a graphical frontend, QtQR is a GUI front-end for linux’s qrencode made in Python & Qt

zbar for decoding
PIL for decoding
Python 2.6

Make sure you have installed all the dependencies: qrencode and python-zbar.
Decompress qtqr-latest.tar.lzma to a directory, for example /home/me/qtqr.
Open a terminal and cd to the dir you decompressed the file: cd /home/me/qtqr
run: python

Once run the use is trivial, just check this video if you don’t believe me:

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  2 Responses to “QtQR – Graphical frontend to generate qr code”

  1. Thank you for reviewing my application! I’m glad you liked it and that it is helpfull for you! 🙂

    We’ve launched a DailyPPA a few days ago, you can get the info at:

    There are some important changes in the latest version, and QtQR 1.2 is coming soon.. stay tuned 🙂

    Cheers from Argentina!

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