Mar 092012

I’m glad to have another post of Tcat Houser editor-in-chief of

With the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona for year 2012 behind us, we now see what Apple has in store with Mountain Lion and Microsoft with Windows 8.

It seems very clear Microsoft is trying to catch up to Apple with the concept of the App Store. Now wait a minute, could not one also say that Apple is trying to play catch-up to Even during the Great Recession, revenue and sales grew while many of the big box retailers stumbled and mom-and-pop stores dried up and blew away in the pessimistic mood.

All the indicators would suggest an App Store is where it is it.

Wait a minute. Have not I seen this somewhere before? Err…. yes I have! It is called:

Synaptic Package Management

And it comes free in basically every Linux installation that is Debian based that I know.

It is taking me a while, and I have finally figured out what is wrong with this picture. Something such as a Debian Linux with Synaptic Package Management is such a simple idea, it is beyond the mind capability for an OS X or Windows user to comprehend.

It is very much as in the human race where the most advanced minds that are alive are grappling with quantum mechanics, otherwise known as the multiverse. It just goes against what we as humans know about physics. And yet the clues are tantalizing us with the fact that we are idiots about the universe.synaptic

In the same way, an OSx, Windows user, or even customer cannot wrap their brains around simply describing what they want in a search bar, clicking and saying “give it to me”, without any credit card data or even their e-mail address.

The world is simply too unreal to their way of thinking.

It is with that that I have great hope that soon, very soon; All these App Stores will take the lizard brains into a higher plane of existence. Enough so that they can get to understand the concept of Synaptic Package Management.

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  One Response to “Synaptic Package Management – Linux’s Secret Weapon”

  1. To start with, Synaptic is not that shiny as iTunes, AppStore and anything else from big companies. I’d rather compare with Ubuntu Software Center then.
    Synaptic also can be used for low-level packages, like particular libraries&Co. I am not sure that AppStore can do this. Why?
    And finally, Synaptic is mostly, but not exclusively, works with DEB packages. An example from other side of the camp is PCLOS: Synaptic for RPMs.

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