Jan 292012

How many emails do you read daily? I bet more than a few dozen … Some people might have multiple accounts from the same provider, like Google, Yahoo and others … For those who maybe have two accounts scattered on Google, Hotmail and others and those who, like me, have some accounts of famous service providers and with some own domain account. In short, in any case this is … a mess!

I’m sure that is why you need a simple client, that you can synchronized and above all reliable! The list of email client is very wide … We pass from the well known Thunderbird to the former default of Ubuntu: Evolution. Some people prefer to use Opera or an extension for those who may be satisfied with the simplicity of an email client used on the Web such as SquirreMail.

Today we will see, in this How-To, how to choose the client that best suits your needs.

I decided to take the most famous and most used email clients . But I want you to notice that I decided to penalize, excluding it, because in my opinion Evolution has a big defect, and it’s very unpleasant. With this client, in fact, you can not distinguish in your Inbox each box. Of course, nothing changes for those who have one account. But for those like me who have more than a few dozen? It would be really annoying to find emails, dedicated to the work in the same box with the personal emails or with the one for the eCommerce, don’t you think so ?

[Note from the publisher: I use Evolution, the latest version, and I must say that to be honest that I have no problem to have 3 IMAP account mapped on my evolution client, each with its own INBOX mailbox, so probably this refer to an older release tested by the Author.]

We immediately start to list the client taken into account in this article: we will compare Thunderbird, Zimbra and Claws Mail. If there is not much to say to present the first one for the others I want to say that they are famous email clients, so far they have been used mainly from the Linux users.

We start immediately with the integration with the desktop. Something very important for those who want everything set up at once. So we must choose what we want.
If you have Ubuntu you have to opt for Thunderbird. It’s the only one who can interact well with your file manager, Nautilus in the case of my test. If fact, if you have a file that you want to send in a folder, nothing could be easier with Thunderbird … Right click and Send To. If you do not like this feature or you don’t have Nautilus you can choose another client without any remorse.

As for performance however, is certainly to be commended our Thunderbird … but Zimbra did his job very well too. Claws Mail had a crisis when confronted with a great mass of emails. The tests were very simple … a simple import and a subsequent search. And Thunderbird got the best results here .. in just half an hour has imported about 1 GB of email attachments, etc. … Zimbra took slightly longer than Thunderbird albeit within the limits of acceptance. But, unfortunately, has accepted only the emails in a TGZ archive for the import.

From the sacred to the profane. Naturally performance is important … but so is how they present themselves and how they organise the screen. Apparently they are all similar … Not so! If you prefer to have immediately everything under control what it does for you is Zimbra. It looks like a very organized client with a list of folders on the left, on his right it’s dedicated to the email list and on the bottom right it shows the body of the message. Claws and Thunderbird, however, appear similar. Both are composed of two sections. On the left there is the list of folders and on the right there is the body of the message. And if we wanted something more Do not worry both Thunderbird that Claws Mail have an excellent amount of add-ons. So in my opinion the best Email client for this category it’s Zimbra.

In short, all clients are well done .. But if we were to give the bronze medal that would go to the essential and fast Claws Mail. The good, but unfortunately closed source, Zimbra takes the silver medal while the excellent client of the Mozilla suite earn the gold medal.

Now you just need to choose what is right for you. Have fun …

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