Jan 272012

Article By Giuseppe Sanna

I bet that when you turn on your PC, one of the first programs that you start is your Browser .
Indeed, many say that the browser that we have installed in our computer show a part of us! There is, therefore, who prefer Opera: a browser elegant and very
particular, for those who prefer the aesthetics at the practicality, there are those who, following the mass chose the Firefox browser, which has won a great battle against IE in a recent past.

And finally there are those who prefer the speed, stability and efficiency, and they choose Google Chrome or Chromium !
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Sep 062011

The browser market for GNU/Linux is dominated by Chrome and Firefox, with Opera on the sidelines with a smaller percentage of users. but as in all fields also in this one GNU/Linux offers many really interesting alternatives that you should evaluate.

I know that there are also text-based browsers, which i often use when I work on servers and I need a fast information or to verify a web-site, but today I’ll just go for the graphical ones used in desktop environment.

So let’s take a look at SRWare Iron, Icecat, Midori, Dillo and Rekonq.
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Jul 312011

Original article by Dominik Zajac published on his blog

In the time of free wifi and free internet connections in every hotel, bar or cafe you should be sure your connections are secure. In some cases you can’t trust the connection but you need to go online and read some mails or share some documents. In this case some basic tools like SSH and Firefox can help you to build a secure connection to a known computer in the internet you can trust (for example your own root server).
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Is IE9 a modern browser?

This interesting article is not so neutral for sure (it’s hosted on the mozilla site), but from a first reading seems very well made ​​and supported by numbers. The article start with “Is IE9 a modern browser? NO” IE9 is definitely better than IE8 and a step in the right direction, but I don’t believe [...]