Aug 092010
I have followed the same steps described in my article on how to publish new WordPress posts on my Facebook Page via twitter, and following the publication of the “Info” page I found this on Twitter:
 <!--:it-->Info<!--:--><!--:en-->Info<!--:--> #fb

Everything worked … but, I forgot qTranslate was installed to manage the two languages of the blog.

I was already thinking that this would have cost me a lot of time when I found this very useful post Tuning Tools for Twitter to Work With Multilingual WordPress Blogs using qTranslate.”

So looking at the code, I found in Twitcategory the corresponding piece of code change:

twitcategory.php Line 303

$proto = str_replace( "[title]", $post->post_title, $proto );

With (changes in red)

$proto = str_replace( "[title]", __($post->post_title), $proto );

This will activate the function gettext, which will publish the title in the language selected as default (in my case Italian).

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Aug 072010
  1. Proper Hosting Environment

    A properly configured server is highly recommended for your joomla website. Host your site on a server that runs PHP in CGI mode with su_php. This means that PHP runs under your own account user instead of the global Apache user and you don’t need to set insecure global permissions like CHMOD of 777.a. Set register_globals OFF

    b. Disable allow_url_fopen

    c. Adjust the magic_quotes_gpc directive as needed for your site. The recommended setting for Joomla! 1.0.x is ON to protect against poorly-written extensions. Joomla! 1.5 ignores this setting and works fine either way.

    d. Don’t use PHP safe_mode

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Aug 072010

While I was configuring WordPress, I realized that it would be very handy to have a plugin that will automatically publish a new post on the Facebook fan page dedicated to the site.

After some research, I realized that it is full of WordPress plugins for Facebook, but nothing that applied to my case . I then decided to use Twitter as a “bounce site” and publish on my FP my tweets. This can easily be achieved because WordPress has many plugins that automatically publish posts on Twitter.

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