Feb 042013


Most of this post is based on the information found in the blog of Nicolargo, the author of this tool.

Glances is a free software (licensed under LGPL) to monitor your GNU/Linux or BSD operating system from a text interface. Glances uses the library libstatgrab to retrieve information from your system and it is developed in Python.

So another top/htop clone ?

Yes and no, an unique thing about glances that I’ve immediately seen is that you can configure thresholds in its configuration file and see the status of your system resources with colors that indicates if everything is fine or not, at a glance.
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Dec 282012

I’ve just recovered 2x 500 GB sata disks from an old installation, so I opened up my new Desktop and connected them to my main Linux machine, these 2 disks have been used for around 3 years on the the other installation, so I prefer to use them in a mirrored configuration, or RAID 1, so everything that is wrote on a disk is copyed automatically also on the the other, and there is no loss of information if 1 of 2 disks broke up.

At the moment I use a Mint 14 XFCE edition, that is totally compatible with Ubuntu 12.10, and in my point of view for some aspects much better, so in this guide I’ll use commands that are compatible for Mint , Ubuntu and Debian, for other distributions you’ll have to search for your packages, but the configurations and commands will be the same.

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Oct 272012

Sometimes it’s useful to tell to our GNU/Linux system that we want to keep some packages on Hold or that we do not want to update them , for example you could have added a custom kernel and you don’t want that during an update the standard kernel takes its place, or perhaps you want to test some specific version.

These instructions are tested with distributions that use packages in the .deb format (such as Debian, Ubuntu and Mint), .rpm based distributions that use yum (Red Hat Enterprise, Centos, Fedora) and Gentoo.
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Some submissions from the Zorin Contest

Around a month ago we ( Zorin OS team, Linuxaria and DarkDuck) announced the winners of the Zorin Contest and we published their works on our sites. The Contest has been really successful and so, looking at all the works we have received, I’ve decided to publish on the Blog some more of them. These works are the result of the contest [...]

Ubuntu TV? It’s not a science fiction but pure reality … Here’s how!

Just some time ago, at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Canonical has debut among the big names in the industry. Canonical has stunned the expectations of themselves and members of the organization staff. He brought in his stand, an innovation that has created so much interest among the participants that there were [...]