Sep 182013

Article By Oussama Krifa

You are a Linux user, addicted to Facebook, tired from getting your web browser open all the time on the Facebook page, and searching for a Linux application that can use Facebook chat without losing the performance and the features ?

You are on the right track, as you are going to discover an application that will help you to be efficient when working on your pc, by having both your job and your social activity on your desktop and between your hands.

This is an unofficial application called Facebook Messenger, developed by Facebook developer, which acts unlike other software, as a 100% Facebook messaging client. It is an alternative to the official application “Facebook Messenger For Windows”.

The software don’t has any new features, instead it focuses on the essentials, in order to provide a fast, lightweight and functional application to access your Facebook profile and check friend’s messages, requests and updates.
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Jul 202012

When you look online for reviews of social media applications, Windows and Apple platform applications always dominate the list. Linux geeks, however, have a long history of using social media tools to discuss geeky and techie topics online. Until fairly recently, however, most large scale development around social media tools on Linux was virtually non-existent. Linux users were expected to follow their usual fare of bare bones interfaces and text based controls. With the growing interest of Linux on the desktop for the more general audience, however, many developers have started putting effort toward creating more user friendly applications for social media. While this of course is beneficial for newer users of Linux who came from the Microsoft and Apple platforms, using and contributing to these social media apps is also in the best interest of anyone who wants to further the Linux cause and gain more market acceptance for our favorite open source operating system.
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Mar 222012

This is an article of mine, first published on Wazi
You can read the first part here

In this article we’ll see how apply BPF filters to wireshark to show the details of an HTTP session, an e-mail session and how to monitor who is visiting a certain site from our local network.
Finally I will make a summary of the most useful filters to use with Wireshark.

Here’s another classic example – an HTTP session. As before, start Wireshark and start capturing the traffic from the interface that goes out. Today, most HTTP traffic is compressed to speed up the exchange of information, so by default Wireshark decompresses the body part of HTTP packets. You can click on Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> HTTP and verify that “Uncompress entity bodies” is checked.
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3 Software to manage your photo on Linux

In this article I’ll do a roundup over a collection of software that can be very useful for all people who have the hobby of photography. They can be really useful if you have a collection of photo and you want to organize them in albums, by date or tags. Most of them have also the option to upload your photo on online [...]

Pidgin: your favourite Internet Messenger

Today i’m glad to have a Guest post from DarkDuck, i read frequently his blog where i’ve found a lot of well done reviews on many different Linux distributions. Pidgin: your favourite Internet Messenger or Power of Plugin Communications are very important nowadays. But sometimes there are so many ways to communicate that people lose [...]