Do you want to turn your old PC into a digital Jukebox? Here’s a step by step guide

There are many people that have old computers in their basement or attic, and they do not use it because they are considered too old and outclassed. Today we will see a possibility to recover an old PC, we will see how to turn your PC into a fantastic digital Jukebox. You will have the [...]

Roundup of Linux Distributions for the Schools

An important field where GNU/Linux is gaining ground is that of schools, both primary and secondary. I think it’s important to teach children and young people that there is a whole world of open source software to explore, and that not everything that is connected to a computer means Windows and/or proprietary systems. There are [...]

Trisquel 5.0 Released

Yesterday has been released the version 5.0 of Trisquel, an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux Distribution. In their announcement: In what we can now call it a tradition, we celebrate the Software Freedom Day by publishing our latest release: Trisquel GNU/Linux 5.0 STS, codename Dagda.