Jun 132013

Article from Tcat Houser editor-in-chief of TRCBNews.com that recently ignited some fire with 2 articles:
OpenOffice versus LibreOffice versus The World and The Biggest Failure in Open Source Is…

Some of the Linux faithful will look at this and say: “There he goes again, bashing open-source. He’s just a Microsoft shill.” They will use the fact I am an MCSE as ‘proof’ of their opinion.

Version 4.0 of LOO still suffers from the issue of cross file compatibility to Microsoft Office. However, the good news is the pain is less than ever before and we now get the ability to open Visio and Publisher files! Personally, I have not used either of these Microsoft programs in years so I cannot attest to how well they are handled.

Beyond my own daily use of LOO I have read in depth every review I could find on the Internet. My honest summary is they are far more negative than my feelings. Yes I must agree with everyone else that the most lacking area is complex documents not playing nice with MS Office. The second most cited shortcoming is the relatively confusing menus. I cannot really disagree there either. And there is always two sides to the coin. LOO’s brightside is shinier than ever. Less noticed is how much this version has pulled away to lead over Apache Open Office (AOO) formally known as Open Office Organization (OOO).
More about that later.
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Nov 122011

Frank Harris-Smith

Just over a year ago the open source Office Suite world was disturbed by indecision, much the same way world stock markets have been upset by uncertainty today. Oracle had purchased Sun Microsystems and with it the “ownership” of the open source office suite OpenOffice.org.

Being unsure of what Oracle would do with OpenOffice.org a number of the key developers at OO.org left and formed the Document Foundation. They named their fork of the OO.org code “LibreOffice”. “Libre” meaning “little or no restriction.”
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Mar 212011

libreofficeFrom today i’ve switched, on my Gentoo,from openoffice 3.2 to libreoffice 3.3 and for sure i’ve no regret.

If in the last 6 months you have been away from the net you could wonder what’s libreoffice:

On 28 September 2010, some members of the OpenOffice.org Project formed a new group called The Document Foundation and made available a rebranded fork of OpenOffice.org, which they dubbed LibreOffice. The fork was created over fears that Oracle Corporation, after buying out the project’s former sponsor Sun Microsystems, would discontinue OpenOffice.org as it had done with OpenSolaris. It was hoped that the LibreOffice name would be provisional, as Oracle was invited to become a member of the Document Foundation, and was asked to donate the OpenOffice.org brand to the project.

Oracle rejected the project and demanded that all members of the OpenOffice.org Community Council involved with The Document Foundation step down from the Council, citing a conflict of interest.

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Oracle World Domination

Oracle Open world is starting once again in San Francisco, gathering more and more public every year, that’s perhaps normal considering that oracle is buying a new big company every year. Oracle OpenWorld is the world’s largest and most important conference for Oracle technologists, business users, and partners. Perhaps you think: i’m not intested in Oracle [...]