Aug 292014

If you manage a server with many different users or just your family computer you will probably have many different accounts to manage, and one important aspect of any account it’s its password.

In this small article I’ll show you how to use the basic passwd command but also how to do some small bash script or use a web application, if you have a more complex environment, such as a central ldap server that keep all your accounts information.
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Apr 102013

This is an easy and simple solution based on the article by Umair, first posted on

it’s common that, if not you, one of your familiar or friends forget his login password, and if this is the only account available on the system this means that he’s usually locked out from his computer, luckily this is not a big issue if you have physical access to the console of a Linux system, as we can use the recovery mode available from the grub menu of most distributions (if not all).

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Jul 022012

Article by Giuseppe Sanna

Do you know what you should do to stay away from viruses, bruteforce and all these bad things? There are three possibilities. First, we could not buy a computer or, if you really want to buy it, do not turn it on! or as a last resort (but far less secure) does not ever connect it to any network and use only certified software from CD that you know.

In short, this shows that every operating system that we install has some bug and security flaw. Obviously there are those who have less. Our loved Linux distributions, for example, are among the more secure systems, but not impenetrable. Today, in this short article, we will see how the best of the worst hackers works to get our data, such as PIN and keyword, or just to discover our deepest secrets. And please remember that we’ll take a look at these techniques, as learning tool to be ready to “defend” ourself and our devices from these attacks. Continue reading »

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Too many passwords to keep in your mind? Here is a great solution! Cross-platform and portable!

Credit cards, SIM cards, social networking sites and forums are just some of the many services that can give us trouble. That’s right … Each of these, now, requires passwords and codes that you must keep secrets. I can not remember everything for sure! The only solutions are the ones that we all know. Use […]