Oct 292012

Multitasking refers to the ability to perform several different activities at the same time in a single Linux computing environment. Many jobs that we perform in our day to day duties when running a Linux system can be performed sequentially, that is, one after the other. Jobs that can be run in a very short amount of time or that require an intense period of resource usage that needs to run as a single large process using all computing resources can be run one after another without the need for multitasking. Jobs that are particularly long running that run on a different computer or several different computers even, such as in a grid environment, are good candidates for multitasking. Defragmenting your disk drive or running a search for a particular query string on your local hard drive are examples of long running local jobs that can be multitasked while running other tasks. Jobs such as long database queries or batch loads onto a remote server are examples of jobs that are controlled in a single session, but can be multitasked in a Linux environment so several of these sessions can be run at the same time.
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May 222011

INX Whether you’re a fan of the command line or the novice I recommend you to do a test with INX (INX Is Not X), this is a minimal Linux distribution that has the characteristic of not having any graphical desktop, all the tools and packages provided work in the terminal.

INX is a Live CD currently based on Ubuntu 8.04, a bit old but for the tools it ships and the goal this is enough.
Keep in mind that this distribution is more a proof of concept and a good way for learning some trick from the terminal but is not to be used as standard environment.
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Feb 262011


I bought a new monitor at home and added a second monitor in the office, so I had a lot to do with the graphics of my Linux setup.

What do you use in these cases? My preferred tool for all these operations is certainly xrandr .

In particular I’m used to use it from the command line version and after doing some tests using the syntax that i’ve found in the startup of the graphic environment.

In this article we will see some common use case.

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From RS232 to the Web

Automatically Capturing, Saving and Publishing Serial RS232 Data to the Web Author: John Smitty This article will describe setting up a system that will utilize a lightweight command line (CLI) install of Linux (Ubuntu in this example) to capture RS232 (serial) information, capture it and upload it to an ftp server. This is useful for [...]

Screen and Byobu

If you frequently use the terminals and the command line, I hope you know the command screen, otherwise get ready to see something that will help you immensely. Screen ? (from the man page) Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes (typically interactive shells). Each virtual terminal provides [...]