How to Really Secure Your Linux VPS SSH Service

Article By Stanton Levens Let face it, the Secure Shell (SSH) daemon running on your VPS is the most sensitive service open to attack on your system. Any hacker worth their salt will first try to gain access to your VPS via SSH and 99.9% of all VPS connected to the internet run this service by [...]

How to protect Apache with Fail2ban

Around 2 years ago I wrote an article about fail2ban. Fail2ban is an intrusion prevention framework written in the Python programming language. It is able to run on POSIX systems that have an interface to a packet-control system or firewall installed locally (such as, iptables or TCP Wrapper). Fail2ban’s main function is to block selected [...]

How to scan Linux for vulnerabilities with lynis

Article by Dan Nanni first published on As a system administrator, Linux security technician or system auditor, your responsibility can involve any combination of these: software patch management, malware scanning, file integrity checks, security audit, configuration error checking, etc. If there is an automatic vulnerability scanning tool, it can save you a lot of [...]

The Importance of Securing a Linux Web Server

Today I present a really interesting article by  Scott Miller first published on With the significant prevalence of Linux web servers globally, security is often touted as a strength of the platform for such a purpose. However, a Linux based web server is only as secure as its configuration and very often many are quite vulnerable [...]

An Open Source Board Game about Network Security: d0x3d

[d0x3d] is a boardgame designed for informal security education, this is an incredibly fun game that proactively teaches about network integrity and the security of information. Inspired by Forbidden Island, d0x3d! and is released under an open source license. It requires only a small number of people but packs a very powerful lesson. Incorporating it [...]