6 Microblogging clients for Linux

After the social networks the new trend on the Net it’s the microblogging, choose your style: Twitter, identi.ca, Picotea or something else but at the moment this is a must for the internet addicted, or just for keeping in touch with all the news you are interested in or just with your friends. So, while [...]

30 Linux-related Twitter accounts

Today I want to offer some interesting profiles that I follow on Twitter, I found many useful information following their twittering. Idea (and many links) come from this post: http://linuxtoy.org/archives/25-linux-twitterers.html Linux kernel KernelTracker: Get the latest version of the Linux kernel. Linux distributions clububuntu: aggregate information on Ubuntu. ubuntusecurity: Ubuntu security updates. fedora_linux: the latest [...]

From WordPress to Facebook Page

While I was configuring WordPress, I realized that it would be very handy to have a plugin that will automatically publish a new post on the Facebook fan page dedicated to the site. After some research, I realized that it is full of WordPress plugins for Facebook, but nothing that applied to my case. I [...]