Apr 252013

Article by Gary Marten

GNU/Linux is one of the most rapidly growing open source operating system as it is consistently improving its capabilities to meet the technological requirements. Initially, Linux was not adopted by most of the users because of its command line interface but later developments in Linux provide ease in terms of accessibility and offered Graphical User-Interface (GUI). As it’s an open source OS, it has one of the largest developer community and one of the most prominent contributors in Linux technology is RedHat. Linux was initially designed for Intel x86 personal computers and then later on modified to support different hardware as well.

The most encouraging aspect of Linux is that it is the leading operating system for servers, you must be thinking why Linux? Well, in server technology one of the most crucial aspects is security as professional organizations build server to store, share and retrieve sensitive information which requires great deal of security and Linux is considered as the most secure operating system for servers. As it’s an open source OS any organization can check the source of any software if they want and it provide an opportunity to access server at root-level and one can easily configure its security to prevent server from external and internal threats. Now as far as reliability of Linux based server is concerned, according to the survey conducted in 2008 about server OS reliability, Linux based server downtime has been decreased 75% per server which is brilliant, still Linux community is working on improving its performance and features.

Web hosting is one of the most crucial internet services as it is required to host website over the internet. There are varieties of hosting servers available these days and one can select according to the requirements but when it comes to host business website or applications most people opt for Linux based servers because of the security factor and it also offer support for numerous web and business applications. Currently, Linux Kernel is being used in numerous different ways such as people are using Linux on desktop computers, server computer, and mainframes, these days it has been used in embedded devices as well, there are numerous Android smartphones that are build on the basis of Linux Kernel.

So Linux is almost everywhere and most organizations are adopting it for server computing and to perform other security oriented tasks. To work on Linux one must have detailed knowledge about its core technicalities, for instance if you are willing to work as a server administrator you must learn to manage Linux based servers as most professional organizations preferred to set up Linux based servers and favor LPI certified professionals. In order to learn the technicalities of Linux the best way to go for certification, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is offering various certifications regarding Linux administration such as General Linux Part-1 and Part-2, Advanced Linux Administration and Linux Network Administration. To earn any of their certifications, professionals have to take several exams designed by LPI in order to evaluate candidate’s skills in terms of Linux Administration.

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  1. Sostanzialmente esistono più virus capaci di attaccare i sistemi operativi microsoft di quanti non attacchino i sistemi linux, per questo motivo credo, si dice che i server linux siano più sicuri. Per me comunque molto dipende da chi gestisce il servizio hosting. Tranquillità, sicurezza e affidabilità del server devono essere le parole d’ordine per chiunque fa del web il proprio business.

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