Apr 222011

facebook-notify As the name suggest this small python script use your notification area to show you what’s going on in your Facebook account.

It notifies you when any of the following events occur

  • One of your friends changes their status, profile picture, or profile details
  • You receive a friend request, event or group invitation
  • Someone writes on one of your friends walls
  • One of your friends is tagged in a photo


python-simplejson (recommended)

On ubuntu to install these packages just run into the terminal:

sudo aptitude install python-webkit python-simplejson


Installation is not currently supported. To run facebook-notify simply do the following
1) Download the tar from the official page
2) In your home directory run from the terminal

tar -zxvf  //nzjrs-facebook-notify-1bde81f.tar.gz 
cd nzjrs-facebook-notify-1bde81f

Click on the Facebook icon (in my installation it did not found the correct icon and so showed a black screen with a signal inside) that appears in the notification area and select Connect
Type your facebook connection details in the window that appears, all done !

Official home page

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