Aug 092010
I have followed the same steps described in my article on how to publish new WordPress posts on my Facebook Page via twitter, and following the publication of the “Info” page I found this on Twitter:
 <!--:it-->Info<!--:--><!--:en-->Info<!--:--> #fb

Everything worked … but, I forgot qTranslate was installed to manage the two languages of the blog.

I was already thinking that this would have cost me a lot of time when I found this very useful post Tuning Tools for Twitter to Work With Multilingual WordPress Blogs using qTranslate.”

So looking at the code, I found in Twitcategory the corresponding piece of code change:

twitcategory.php Line 303

$proto = str_replace( "[title]", $post->post_title, $proto );

With (changes in red)

$proto = str_replace( "[title]", __($post->post_title), $proto );

This will activate the function gettext, which will publish the title in the language selected as default (in my case Italian).

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